The Most Favorite Sport

Sport is an activity that is often carried out by humans in the morning to defend themselves so as not to get tired easily and get sick. However, most other humans are lazy or reluctant to exercise. Actually, if humans know. Sports have many benefits that are good for the human body including not easy to fatigue, stamina awake, strong immunity, healthy body, avoid various diseases such as obesity, tingling, heart, bone loss, high blood pressure, and stroke.|

There are several consequences that occur when the lack of exercise includes the muscles becoming stiff, blood circulation is not smooth, body stamina decreases, easy to get tired quickly, susceptible to disease, bones become stiff, easy to stress, insomnia and high blood pressure occurs .

Sports have various types including badminton, soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming, gymnastics, tennis, table tennis and many others. One sport that is often favored by the community in general is Football.

Football is one sport that is very popular among children, adolescents, and even adults. This game is carried out by 2 groups, each of which aims to enter the ball against the opponent. Many of the rules that have been struck by football include penalty kicks, free kicks, goal kicks, deep kicks, corner kicks, offside, and violations.

Football also has basic techniques of kicking, stopping or controlling, dribbling, heading, seizing the ball from the opponent, throwing from inside and keeping the goal. Each player has a maximum of 11 members and one of them must be a goalkeeper. In addition to basic techniques, soccer also has tactics used by opponents that are defending and attacking. Time in the game of soccer is 2×45 minutes plus a rest period of 15 minutes. However, if there is a balanced position, then the time will be extended for 2×15 minutes, until the winner is obtained. However, if the player is as strong, then a penalty kick occurs.

Referees can determine how much extra time at the end of each round as a substitute for the time lost due to a change in player such as an injury that may require help or other dismissal. If a player commits a violation that is quite severe such as going out in a match, rolling out time, unsporting, then the referee can give a yellow card to the player as a warning. However, if the offense is severe enough such as a severe injury to the opponent, spitting, committing acts of violence against the player, holding the ball and using irreverent words, the referee can give the player a red card.

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Some examples of young Indonesian players who have participated in soccer games include the goalkeeper Andritany Ardhiyasa. At the center defender there is Rudolof Yanto Basna in pairs with Fahruddin Wahyudi and at left back there is Abdul Rahman. Then the middle sector is Evan Dimas, Andik Vermasyah and Bayu Pradana. Apart from those mentioned above, there may be many other players. There are several organizations in football games including FIFA (World), UEFA (Europe), CONMEBOL (Latin America), CONCACAF (North America), AFC (Asia), CAF (Africa). 

Football is not only favored by men but women are also now fond of playing soccer. There is nothing wrong with this because anyone has the right to participate in the game of soccer. every woman has the same rights as men. It’s not just soccer, but also many other sports involving women.

Now that there are many Indonesian young players who excel in the game of football, the sense of unity possessed by these young players is truly great. They hope Indonesian players can be better at playing, so that in the future Indonesia can enter the World Cup event. The key to success in a team is trying hard and not forgetting to pray. Always prioritizing good cooperation between players and always being optimistic about ourselves and also trusting if we can. Because this is the key to the success of a team. Good communication between players is also the solution to winning. And don’t forget to stay focused on advancing Indonesia. We as citizens of Indonesia must prove that we can be the greatest. We are able to rise from adversity by continuing to believe that Indonesia can. Victory is not just a dream but we can certainly make it happen by working hard and never giving up. Because there are still many young Indonesians who will continue to replace the struggles of old Indonesian players.

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