Beware Of Epilepsy

Maybe you already know a lot of the terms of this disease. But most people call it different from their real names. The name of this disease has been known for a long time even this disease has been known for thousands of years ago. But in ancient times this disease was often considered a spiritual disease.

But after there were medical personnel, the recognition of this disease was no longer trusted. In the medical world this disease is often called epilepsy. Epilepsy is very dangerous because epilepsy recurs suddenly and without certain symptoms that are known before.

Signs of epilepsy are:

1. Seizure

One sign of epilepsy is a seizure in the body. This seizure can happen without us knowing it before. Although seizures are a sign of epilepsy, we cannot conclude that this seizure means someone has been affected by the disease.

Because not all seizures mean epilepsy, because there are several things the body can experience seizures that were not known before. But it could be if the seizure is also caused by someone who often daydream. Because someone who daydreaming can just experience such body spasms.

2. Movement that is not normal

If we know the initial sign, the next sign is marked by abnormal movements. When you see someone who is doing an abnormal movement when he is seizure then it could be that the person is experiencing epilepsy.

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Strange movements that are usually carried out by epilepsy sufferers are by stopping all activities, as well as eyeballs looking away. And do strange movements such as a sloping head and straight arms.

3. Not aware

A person who has epilepsy when the disease recurs, he will not experience awareness of what happened to him before. So that when the sufferer suddenly wakes up and realizes he will definitely feel confused due to what happened to him.

Therefore, when we see such a person, it would be nice not to try to mock him or question him, because if he knew what he was doing he would feel embarrassed. Because every activity carried out when the disease recurs, is not an awareness of him.

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