Hubsan X4

Hubsan X4 Micro Quadcopter

The hubsan x4 ($60-$70) made a massive splash when it become released a few months lower back. It’s a miracle of engineering, being one of the smallest best quadcopter made and but having very advanced capabilities. Be aware that it lack gears – that is an immediate force system! It also features a 6-axis stabilization gadget, in place of the three or 4 axis on most lower value quads – this outcomes in an amazingly stable craft – even in wind!

Hubsan X4

However, you can note that some reviewers adore it and a few hate it. So, what’s the actual story?
Enchantment to users:
Superior novices up.
Form of quad: customer micro
In most instances, this should no longer be your first quad or your first radio managed flying system! It isn’t always for entire novices, greater for superior beginners all the way as much as expert.

It comes complete with the quad, a transmitter, a usb charger and a single battery. Some merchants and packaging comprise a further set of props. My recommendation, before you even begin using this quad, is to buy at the least 2 more batteries, 2 or greater units of props and one of every (ccw and cw) vehicles. This way you may be prepared for the first repairs and replacements!

Flyers and not using a experience are possibly to crash the hubsan too normally before they get the hang of it, resulting in a bad revel in and a broken quadcopter. How do i recognise this? Easy – i did it myself.

However, as soon as i took more time to learn at the inexpensive syma x1 and read up at the x4, i then had the confidence to begin the usage of the x4 within the way it changed into intended.

A couple caveats – you need to do some of the “mods” cautioned by other customers earlier than flying! Those encompass at the least placing a few tender foam or other fabric underneath every leg and the “electrical tape mod”, which keeps the hands from detaching as easily as inventory. There’s a third mod known as the “straw mod”, which you could appearance up – it facilitates make sure you will no longer wreck a motor as quick.


Incredible-strong flight – corrects to level whilst you depart pass of stick!
Works properly in the wind
Can fly inside in first rate sized room
Props no longer as likely to hurt you
Parts are less expensive


The designers by no means pretty finished this version – hopefully future versions will be advanced…..
Mods need to be finished – must were designed into it.
You want desirable eyes and slight of hand to replace parts – and you will have to replace elements!
Parts may be difficult to get with out searching a lot or getting from china/ebay
No actual assist until you purchase the (greater luxurious) traxxas classified version.

In precis, if this is your first quadcopter it can be your last. However in case you are a hobbyist and don’t thoughts working on your machines, you can love this element no matter what stage of flyer you’re! If you are an awesome flyer and don’t crash it tough and regularly, it is able to simply come to be your fav! Whilst it really works as it must, it’s difficult to conquer for inside and near quarters out of doors flying.

Basic Operation

Rate your battery using the included usb charger or proper other charger. Do now not overcharge the battery – study our article on lipo batteries for excellent practices. Insert battery into x4 making sure you press it completely rearward into the copter frame. Connect the battery terminals at the same time as the transmitter is still powered off.

Set the x4 on a stage surface and turn on the transmitter. Make sure your transmitter throttle is fully within the down role. The blue hubsan “eyes” can be alternately flashing at this factor till you switch at the transmitter. Some seconds after you turn at the transmitter, a noisy beep will imply it has sure to the quadcopter – on the identical moment, the two blue “eyes” will forestall flashing and just stay lit.

Your x4 must now not be prepared to fly. Make sure to follow a number of our pointers in the movies in terms of studying to fly it.

Basic Troubleshooting

Crashes and loopy flying can often confuse your little drone, but a complete reset will generally restoration those. This includes:
1. Disconnect battery and turn off transmitter
2. Reconnect battery – area quad on degree floor and turn on and bind transmitter (beep).
3. Do a “stick wiggle” reset of your quad before flying. This is carried out by means of protecting your throttle (left stick) in the decrease proper position as far as it goes, and then wiggling your right hand stick back and forth left to proper (fast). You’ll see the lighting on the x4 blink, indicating you have reset the principle board.

Inspect and replace your x4 propellers as needed. They will regularly be bent down after a horrific crash – you’ll be capable of straighten them out by way of hand. Ensure they spin freely and are as degree as possible. Continue About Hubsan X4 Micro Quadcopter visit this website.

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